Drug Addict Relief Association of Cambodia (DARAC) has formed as a non-governmental association/organization, non-religion and help multi-nationality. It was founded in 2005 by a group of Cambodian social workers and medical team wishing to work as a team to provide support and reduce high risks for its target population, vulnerable communities in Cambodia related to drug use and addiction.

The association was founded with members contributing to a fund to help the target populations and commencing program activities. Drug Addict Relief Association of Cambodia (DARAC) registered with the Ministry of Interior in August 2005.

The program began in Phnom Penh city and organized drug treatment/ detoxification, social rehabilitation and aftercare program in order to provide the services and support to drug user and addict in Cambodia aimed to address of the social problems and such as family conflict or domestic violence, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS vulnerability and the risk of HIV/AIDS within the community and poverty reduction.

We would like to inform all of the supporter and to the relevant NGO/ING, government agencies about our treatment / social rehabilitation was moved to the new center that based in the Main office: House # 3, National road # 3, Phum Kob Kong, Sangkat Chaom Chao, Khan Dangkao, Phnom Penh.
Treatment / Detoxification and Social Rehabilitation moved to the Phum Trapeang Sva, Khom Trea, Srok Kandal Stueng, Kandal province, go through the national road # 2, very close to Koh Sokrorm pagoda. 

Right now the center is stilling to build for two more departments for client to stay receive services and each department size is 12ms X 9 ms and there is 3 rooms of each department that able to keep 30 clients included toilet, water and electricity but DARAC don’t has any donor to support for the building yet but we have some charities to support for this building and still not completing for this building yet, that made us to late to move all clients to there, as above mentioned DARAC very please to inform you to get aware of this information and we would like to ask for any donation or charity for continuing this construction in order to assist the drug user and drug addict free from drug use and change their behavior, to reduce the member of drug user, social problems, reduce the poverty and to reduce the drug user on the streets of Cambodia.